Lead Tracking

Now all the efforts of your marketing departments, sales people and ad agency can be measured and analysed in one place: TrackEasy!

TrackEasy is a well-defined, well-organized system for tracking sales leads as they move through the pipeline. All media, including print(using Shortcodes), is tracked, measured and analysed for you.

Task Management

With TrackEasy, each lead is tagged or updated with important information.

TrackEasy automatically generates your task lists and places them into a single entry point for quick access. Unlike most lead tracking systems, TrackEasy is both a lead tracking system and task management system in one!

Custom Templates

The more you know about your leads, the easier it is to communicate the right message at the right time.

TrackEasy has developed customised communication templates for each stage of the sales lead so that you can be sure to send the right message at the right time - quick and easy!

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The TrackEasy System is hosted by Netgen and backed up by Netgen. Updates and maintenance covered by the monthly maintenance.

SMS Solutions

If you're looking for a bulk SMS system, SendEasy is your complete solution.

SendEasy messages Quickly and easily send bulk SMSs.
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Leads Management

If you're looking for a lead management system, TrackEasy is your complete solution.

TrackEasy Mailer messages Track all your leads in one place.
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TrackEasy Leads Management System

TrackEasy is a leads tracking system that allows all leads from multiple sources to be stored on a back-end online system branded for each client. Below is how the basic system works. If the client requires additional functions, these can be quoted for.

The sources of leads tracked are as follows:

* Website - Automated
* SMS - Can be automated using Netgen Shortcode
* Email - Automated
* Phone/Fax - Manual

All leads irresptive of their arrival method are entered either automatically or manually into the TrackEasy system. Based on the type of input we can also perform a custom action from the database.

The Back-end system allows multiple users to login with a username and password. In addition to being able to break-down leads on the web we have code in the form that would allow us to track which specific form, ad campaign and web campaign was responded to. It allows for viewing all the following information:

1.) Number of contacts received today or any other selected period
2.) Breakdown by how the contacts were received: fax, email, sms which web campaign, site direct etc
3.) The back-end system also has the ability to mark a contact with a specific reference in order to group contacts/leads

The TrackEasy system is hosted by Netgen and backed up by Netgen. Updates and maintenance covered by the monthly maintenance.